Welcome to FittLivin Fitness!

My name is Rosi, I am the owner and creator of FittLivin Fitness, Inc and I am thrilled to extend the official welcome and “open the doors” to FittLivin Fitness, Inc.  Creating opportunity for those in my community to exercise has been a dream of mine for some time.  I made my start in fitness as a Physical Education teacher.  In my undergrad work I was introduced to the FITT workout principle.  Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.  It’s all about creating the workout/s in your day, week, month that fit that principle.  That work to the goals you hope achieve.  I am happy to be an outlet in which you can achieve those goals.

Classes are officially open and I encourage you to use fittlivinfitness.com to find the class that FITTs your needs.  You can also email me at fittlivinfitness@gmail.com or call 586-718-8818 for more information.