Why Strollers?

WHY NOT?! Being a parent presents its own challenges when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is critical to being the best version of ourselves which not only makes us a better parent but a better co-worker, spouse, partner, friend, and more.  I have chosen to offer StrollerFitt as a way to get parents out of the house and into the gym.  Moms and Dads, just because you are home with the kids does not mean you cannot get in a great workout.  Not only are you able to get in a workout but the kids are able to witness first hand you making health a priority, what a great example. The kid/s stay in the stroller while you push, pull, run, lunge and squat using the stroller, resistance bands and resistance tubes as just some of what makes this class a great workout.  Jogging strollers and mats recommended but not required.  Stroller for kids required.

Class are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9am-10am.  Location will be Whispering Woods park just east of the sand volleyball courts in front of the hill.  If you have questions please contact Rosi at fittlivinfitness.com or call 586-718-8818.