FITT in the Kids

First, can I just be a proud mom for a moment say WOW.

She is absolutely gorgeous. Her beautiful soul radiates from the inside out. And when you ask her who made her so beautiful she'll tell you..."God." Perfect. You are already winning at life my lovely daughter.
Thank you for that moment. 🙂 Now on to what I want to talk to you about...FITT in the kids. Kids are sponges. They soak it ALLLLLL in, this is awesome. (Well, it can pose challenges, but let's stick with awesome.) They love what we love, they sense our passion and they are naturally drawn to the things we love. Yes, they have their own passions too but you cannot deny that kids enjoy being a part of what you enjoy. For me, or in this house, that tends to be creating that FITT life and Emma is always eager to be a helper in that. I've said it before and I'll say it over and over, if there is nothing else I succeed at in parenting instilling healthy living habits in my children is a HUGE priority for me. Exposing them to good foods, active living and learning HOW to cook/prep food is a big deal for me.

Emma seems to have taken to it just fine.

Bagged the veggies to soon be used for egg casserole and put all the veggies for roasting on the sheet.

Kale lover!

Even practices her letters while we cook. #momgameisstrong

Mashing up the beans for the black bean burgers on this week's menu. Pretty soon I'll just get to sit back and watch. #momgoals 😉 But seriously when the day comes that Emma prepares the meal I think that will be awesome, not for me, but for her.

And then outside playing catch with daddy. Cue heart melting. One of the things we have decided our kids will "have" to do (and I know that always works out perfectly in parenting, right??) 😉 is be active. I don't care if they do an individual sport, karate, rock climbing, running, a team doesn't matter, I just want them to find a way to be active that they enjoy. So important. She definitely has the energy for activity, now it's all about helping her find her way.
But it's not just what we do WITH our children, it's HOW WE MODEL that behavior as well. Emma doesn't always help me with food prep...I wish! But she does see me/us do it every single week. She's typically a part of the grocery shopping every week. Not only that, she knows we exercise. She is either down in the basement with us, doing burpees with me at StrollerFITT, riding in the stroller as I run her to school or encouraging me to do well in the days race. (I'll be clear Brody sees/participates in much of this as well.) She sees, she knows, she emulates.
Part of me creating my FITT life most certainly involves my children. I take them into account always. Whether it's including them or making choices so they see the modeling I want them to see. I don't always get it perfect but I will never stop trying.

If you have children, what do you do to help them create a FITT life? If you do not have children, this still applies to your life. We always have someone watching, a neighbor, a friend, a coworker and we may not even KNOW they are watching but they are, learning, drawing inspiration. So how can you help them create their FITT life?

This week's meal prep items

Roasted Veggies

Hard Boiled Eggs

Egg Casserole

Shredded Chicken and Turkey Taco Meat (nachos)

Turkey Burgers (this time I used some onion, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce pureed, beets, salt, pepper and garlic...we shall see) 🙂


Turkey, Butternut Squash Chili (cooking up later this week)

Black Bean Nacho Burgers

These were amazing.

No bun, topped with avocado and some horseradish mustard, side of green beans. And it was absolutely a paper plate kind of night.

PS - Last week's Veggie Nuggest...TOTAL. FAIL.

What's on your menu this week?